Feedback from recent Inspection…

29th June 2017

“Lewisham foodbank is led with competence, compassion and care. Each aspect of has been given careful thought and the foodbank is a professional, credible organisation in the community.

It is well-known and well-supported – evidenced by the sheer number and variety of donors, funders and those giving time to the project.

The volunteers are exceptionally well-cared for. The strong, community atmosphere which has been fostered as a result of investing in the team is clearly felt by clients.

The foodbank is a safe, responsible and effectively run project that shows concern, not only for Lewisham & the local community but also for other food charities working nearby. The foodbank’s vision to ensure continued excellence and develop the signposting service offered to clients is highly commendable and will doubtless help to further increase clients’ resilience in the face of a crisis.

The foodbank is making a huge impact on the local community and the trustees, staff and volunteers should be encouraged by the difference they are making and take time to celebrate this.”

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